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The Genco Buzz

The service exceeds all expectations, as we feel we are the most important customer from their response time to issues, efficiency in getting product to our doors when needed and always being available to discuss and resolve any concerns that might come about.
- Danette W., Fort Myers, FL

We like being able to call a company and talk to the same people; people who know us and know our account. It is 10 times better than calling a 1-800 anybody and having to talk to 10 different people and explain yourself 10 times.
- Shannon G., Naples, FL

I rave about the service I get from Genco to all of my associates.
- Pam B., Lake Wales, FL

I know there are other vendors out there for our company to do business with but you continually prove that it is the "Service after the Sale" that you stand behind.
- Richard K, Naples, FL

You feel like you are part of a family.
- Danette W., Fort Myers, FL

Many companies make promises to be there when you need them, but Genco backs it up 100%. It would be difficult for me to find a more dedicated company.
- Jimmy R., Naples, FL

Genco's staff doesn't simply say, "The customer is first," they live this motto through their personal and timely responses to our company's needs.
- Kevin D, Naples, FL

When I work with Genco I know I will always receive Five Star Service on the simplest to the more complex requests and you will exceed my expectations. You have a dedicated staff that loves what it does and it shows.
- Kim B, Fort Myers, FL

We used to buy everything from an online company but when we met you and realized that you were a local company, we were happy to switch and support local business.
- Shannon G., Naples, FL

In the event a printer or copier experiences technical difficulties, the reliable Genco staff is readily available to fix any of these within a timely and friendly manner.
- Sue P., New York, NY

We highly recommend Genco for all your office needs and print services and know you can rest easy as you are in good hands.
- Danette W., Fort Myers, FL

Genco has done both the possible and impossible for us.
- Trevor G., Sarasota, FL

Switching to Genco has been the best decision I've made.
- Kathleen P., Naples, FL

You help make my job easier!
- Barbara K., New York, NY

We really appreciate GENCO always going the extra mile.
- David K., Bonita Springs, FL

I just want to thank you for your great service to us. I also want to mention that every time a delivery is made the receptionist comes to me to say she cannot believe how nice the delivery staff is - always offering to put supplies away and checking to make sure order is complete.
- Paula M., Fort Myers, FL


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