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Genco Financial is a private capital group that specializes in bridge loans, mezzanine loans and other types of specialty financing for the acquisition and construction of real estate development projects.

We have over 25 years of experience in restructuring debt or equity to meet your needs We will devise solutions to your needs that are not normally accepted by banks or conventional lenders.

Please call one of our specialists at our Wall Street area, New York City offices. (917) 327-2023



Genco Leasing is an equipment leasing firm that specializes in financing the approval of leases of office and medical equipment for business lessees that have less than perfect credit. Newly organized businesses are the perfect niche market for us.

We have over 30 years experience in meeting the needs of businesses, which are not normally accommodated by leasing companies and equipment dealers.

Please call John Colasacco at our New York office at (914) 769-2547



Genco 1031 Services is a Qualified Intermediary under Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Genco 1031 Services has assisted sellers of over 1 Billion dollars in real estate in effecting tax free exchanges to defer tax, otherwise due, on profit and mortgages satisfied.

Genco 1031 Services deposits all Exchange Funds in a bank chosen by the seller/ exchanger, in a dual signature account. This insures maximum control by the seller/ exchanger, to the extent permitted by the IRS Regulations.

Please call (239) 434-8175 for a quote on procedures and fees.



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